Hyundai's three-model blitz for 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

i45 will be new Sonata

Hyundai is in the process of testing its new i45 in india. The current-generation Sonata will be replaced by the all new Mercedes CLS lookalike, sometimes toward the end of 2011.
The current Sonata hasn't proved to be very popular among buyers in india recently and Hyundai hopes to change this with the launch of its contemporary looking i45. This aerodynamically sculpted car has a very attractive from with sharp cuts and flowing lines blended in with a great degree of sophistication. The front has a very strong 'V' shape to it which, along with its swoopy lines, have been carried forward on this inside as well.The central console has a cockpit-like wraparound feel for both the drive as well as the passenger and there are plenty ofbrushed aluminium and chromed-over bits.

Expect the i45 to come loaded with all manner of goodies like keyless to, paddle-shifts, and Bluetooth ad iPod connections.
Hyundai is likely to power the car with its latest-generation direct injection 2.4 litre petrol motor and with 198bhp on hand, the larger-engined i45 will have plenty  of performance.Furthermore, since this new Theta II motor uses direct injection, it is likely to be more efficient as well.
We also expect Hyundai to plonk the 194bhp Sata Fe CRDi motor under the hood later in the life of the car as well. With a attractive Rs 17-18 lakh price tag, Hyundai should be able to tackle the slump in Sonata sales.

Factfile :

Price - 17-18 Lakh
Fuel - Petrol
Length - 4820 mm
Width - 1835 mm
Height - 1470 mm
Track (f/r) - 1591 / 1591 mm
Wheelbase - 2795 mm
Ground Clearance - 140 mm
Kerb Weight - 1506 kg
Engine - 2359 cc
Installation - Front, transverse, FWD
Bore / Stroke - 88.0 / 97.0
Power - 201 bhp
Torque - 25.5 kg
Gearbox - 6 speed auto / manual


The Royal Enfield Story

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zero to Sixty in 6 months.

J. Raji is not a machine, neither are any of his team mates. It takes many man hours to lovingly hand assemble this legendary motorcycle full of contrasts. Modern engine but vintage styling, contemporary techniques but traditional beliefs. In fact only when J. Raji, considered a lucky charm, hands over the keys is the legend finally built. Referred to by locals as a temple. The Royal Enfield factory in Thiruvottiyur, 37 Kms. north of Chennai, is hallowed ground for motorcycle enthusiasts the world over. If you haven't visited yet, you should make a trip. Handcrafted since 1901.


Hyundai Verna

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things may have been a bit quiet at Hyundai during the past few months and new car activity may have been relatively low. But that's all about to change, and how. Because waiting in the wings are three hot new cars that will give Hyundai's model range a new lease of life.
First up is the replacement for the current Verna. The current car or the MC never quite managed to excite customers, and that's despite having a peppy diesel engine.
The new Verna hopes to re-address that. Also known as the i25, or the saloon version of the i20, the new Verna for is very similar to the Solaris sold in Russia and has a less angular look than Verna sold elsewhere.

As you can see from the spy pictures taken at the Hyundai plant, it really is a modern and very attractive car. But the design is also a familiar one. The grille and headlights use thesame design language as the new i10. The upturned fog lamps at the bottom look unique, the cabin gets serverly raked A-and C-pillars and the flanks of the car are full of folds and multiple surfaces. Hyundai's 'Fluidic sculpture' design language which is full of sharp cuts, is clearly visible here.
In the spy pictures the interiors look fresh, attractive and well put together, The dual-tone dash has a very modern look to it, with the central console enclosed inside a 'Shield' = like section.
The steering looks similer to thei20's and we have pictures of the car with both climate control and the more basic air-con dials as well. Both these options will no doubt be offered as well. Other features visible on the india car are keyless start-stop, automatically folding mirrors and parking sensors. The new Verna also has a really long wheelbase, longerthan even that of the Honda City. And that should mean plenty of space on the inside. What remains to be seen, however, is if the low roof has had any effect on either the seating position or headroom at the rear.
The New Verna will be powered by a new DOHL 1.6 petrol called the Gamma. Power output will be closer to that of the City ad the Fiat Linea T-jet and in the reigion of 116-120bhp. Highlights of this new motor include Continously Veriable Valve Timing and a smart alternator for better fuel economy.

For those of you, who want real economy, there will be a diesel as well. This is likely to be the same 1.5 litre CRDi motor carried over, but in a slightly milder and more driveable state of tune.
The diesel Verna will get a six-speed manual and automatic versions of both cars will be on offer as well.
As long as Hyundai prices this car competitively, the Verna could easily become another one of Hyundai's bestsellers.

Factfile of the new Hyundai Verna :

Price - Rs. 7 - 10 Lakh.
Fuel - Petrol / Diesel
Length - 4370 mm
Width - 1700 mm
Height - 1470 mm
Wheelbase - 2570 mm
Kerb Weigt - 1110 kg / 1173 kg
Engine - 1591 cc / 1493 cc
installation - Transverse, front, FWD
Bore/Stroke - 77.0 / 85.4 / NA
Power - 121 bph / 110 bph
Torque - 15.8 kgm / 24 kgm
Fuel tank - 43 ltr.
Tyre size - 185 / 65 RI5
0-100kph - 10.2 sec* / NA


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